Our research group germinated in January 2005 and now includes high school interns, undergraduates, graduate students, technical support staff, and visiting researchers from around the world. If you'd like to learn more about volunteer positions, independent study opportunities, or graduate assistantships in our group (and/or in the Mycological Herbarium), please contact Betsy Arnold.

Principal Investigator

Dr. A. Elizabeth (Betsy) Arnold

Professor, School of Plant Sciences and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology;
Member, Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Genetics; Bart Cardon Fellow for Teaching Excellence
Curator, Robert L. Gilbertson Mycological Herbarium, part of the University of Arizona Campus Herbarium

PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona (2002)
Ecology, evolution, and systematics of fungal endophytes; evolution of symbioses
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Dr. Joseph Spraker

PhD, Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin, Madison (2016)

Biology of endohyphal bacteria and their impacts on fungal endophyte interactions with plants and secondary metabolism; art-science interfacial learning.
Dr. Camilo Zalamea

Postdoctoral researcher, based at the University of Illinois
and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama
Tropical ecology

Graduate students

Elizabeth (Liz) Bowman

NSF Graduate Research Fellow and PhD student, Plant Pathology
Plant-fungal interactions as a function of climate change
Yu-Ling Huang

PhD student, Plant Sciences
Plant-fungal coevolution
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Gavin Lehr

MS student, General Biology
Biology instructor, Sahuarita High School
Fungal communities associated with invasive plants
Shuzo Oita

PhD student, Plant Pathology
Fungal ecology
Justin Shaffer

PhD student, Plant Pathology (co-advised by David Baltrus)
Diversity and ecological effects of endohyphal bacteria associated with tropical seed-associated fungi; fungal ecology
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Emma Holland

PhD student, Genetics
Phenotypic effects of endohyphal bacteria
Alison Harringon

PhD Student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Aasiya Hamzazai

PhD Student, Plant Sciences
Technical assistants

Carolina Sarmiento

Plant-microbial ecology
Based at the University of Illinois and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama

MS, Universidad de los Andes
Ming-Min Lee

Lab manager
BS, Biology, Oregon State University (2002)
MS, Entomology, University of Arizona (2008)
Kayla Garcia

Culture manager and technical leader, fungal genomics
BS, Microbiology, University of Arizona (2014)

Ellen Pat Photo-1.PNG
Ellen Pat
Nathaniel Yang
Sequoia Fischer
Jose Orozco

Former graduate students (lab alumni): Dr. Michele Hoffman, Plant Pathology, PhD: graduated 5/2010 - US Homeland Security • Dr. Jana U'Ren, PhD, Plant Pathology: graduated 12/2011 - Assistant Professor, ABE, University of Arizona • Dr. Mariana del Olmo Ruiz, PhD, Plant Pathology: graduated 8/2012 - postdoctoral fellow, Institute for Ecology, UNAM (Mexico) • Dr. Ellen Martinson, PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: graduated 12/2012 - postdoctoral fellow, University of Rochester • Dr. Mary Jane Epps, PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: graduated 12/2012 - Assistant Professor, Mary Baldwin College • Mr. Dustin Sandberg, MS, Plant Pathology: graduated 5/2013 - plant pathologist, USDA/APHIS • Ms. Kayla Arendt, MS, Plant Pathology: graduated 1/2015 - exploring opportunities • Ms. Chantelle Khambholja, MS, Plant Pathology: graduated 5/2015 - veterinary schoolMs. Sarah Araldi-Brondolo, MS, Plant Pathology, industry position in plant microbiomes: graduated 8/2016.

Former postdocs (lab alumni): Dr. Naupaka Zimmerman, Biogeography, fungi-host interactions, comparative genomics of foliar fungi, now Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of San Francisco • Dr. Nicholas Garber, sustainable agriculture, now Conservation Program Manager, Native Seeds/SEARCH • Dr. Jana U'Ren, Dimensions of Biodiversity/endophytes of the boreal biome, now Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, University of Arizona • Dr. Sarah Higginbotham, fungal secondary metabolites, Project Manager, Isomerase Therapeutics.

For undergraduate- and high school alumni please see Betsy's CV, linked above.

Joe Myers, Trevor Mock, and Carl Patterson-MarkowitzJoe Myers, Trevor Mock, and Carl Patterson-Markowitz